I am a multidisciplinary artist. I received my BFA in Media Art and my MFA with an emphasis in Photography from the University of Oklahoma. I currently teach art, photography, new media, and humanities courses as adjunct faculty at Rose State College and  the University of Oklahoma, and as faculty in photography at the Firehouse Art Center. 

Non-linear notions of time, space and historical or contemporary events acy as departure points for my creative practice. These include environmental and ecological concerns, ideas of cyclical history, science and technology. As overarching constructs, I create fictional narratives to explore these concepts. rebuilt underground to avoid the turbulent climate above,   New Texas, which explores Texas' secession from a troubled Earth in favor of a new planet, and the     Cyber Okies, where in the Okie spirit, a new breed of frontiersman stubbornly stays put in a hard landscape.

These narratives are often conveyed through photographic images, but also engages contemporary research in agriculture, other scientific topics including photoluminescence, the revival of extinct species of flora and fauna, creative methods for extracting water and minerals, etc. 

Other recent works include explorations into micro computing using Raspberry Pis, including Nesting Instincts, in which I created the electronics for a nest, collaboratively built with my colleague, Suzanne Thomas.

This piece literally and figuratively seeks to intertwine members of our community, weaving hair with native grasses. The work is added to by participating viewers who may add hair, or  a drawing of there hair, who in return, receive a wise saying from  old wives' tales by pressing the "egg" in the nest, which I programmed to generate these thermally printed sayings. 

Through these works, I consider possible futures through lenses of regional identities. I also contemplate creative approaches for building environments that are less damaging to our planet's ecosystems and, more adapted to perhaps irreparable changes already made.